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Paul Massell
Great proof reading skills
Monday, 20 November 2017
Loves reading through articles.
Thursday, 16 November 2017
Loves installing apps.
Thursday, 18 September 2014
Loves to chat with users on the site.
Thursday, 18 February 2016
Loves socializing with their friends.
Monday, 03 November 2014
Loves following other users on the site.
Saturday, 20 September 2014
Loves to build new friendships with others.
Wednesday, 01 October 2014
Photo uploader.
Thursday, 20 April 2017
Loves browsing photos.
Tuesday, 05 May 2015
Earn points on the site.
Friday, 19 September 2014
Window shoppper for users.
Friday, 19 September 2014
Being part of a community.
Tuesday, 05 July 2011
Loves searching on the site.
Friday, 12 October 2018
Loves to reply on the forums.
Friday, 31 August 2018
Famous amongst forumers and receives lots of Thank You notes.
Friday, 27 April 2018
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Major updates were made to the servers / software hosting There was also one significant change to the website this week to address keeping up with current standards and practices.

It has now become standard practice for all websites to be served as https (as opposed to the original http).

A couple of years ago I enabled https on the site as optional but as of today, the site is forcing https. Any link coming into the site should be automatically converted on the fly and you should not have to do anything on your end.

However if you do notice recent problems, please contact me directly via email: or via private message on the site.

Also if you have forgotten your username and/or password here are two links to address that (the links only work if you are not currently logged in):

forgot username:

forgot password:

Please consider a recurring monthly contribution.
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Thank you, Paul