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MJ's own teammates hated him 1 year 4 months ago #387623

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“You were just kind of scared of him; you were scared of what he was gonna say. There was so much tension, and there were certainly moments where we’d finish practice, and some of us would go off and think ‘We gotta get away from this guy, he needs to loosen up.’”

Steve Kerr


One incident has Michael Jordan riding Bill Cartwright on a particularly bad night for Cartwright.

In the locker room Michael Jordan resorted to trying to embarrass Cartwright in front of the team. He was offensive to the point that afterward, Cartwright pulled him to the side and said

"Look, if you ever do anything like that again, you will never play basketball again because I will break both of your legs."

And with the likes of Magic, Kareem, Bird, Isiah Thomas, etc, And that is undeniable. He did play at the same time as those players...but he never BEAT them! At least not at their peaks!

Ask anyone what the golden age of the NBA was and they will surely say it was the 80's because that's when all the aforementioned players were at their best.

So why did it take Jordan till the 90's to win? Who gets credit for just being in the same league?

Not until The Bad Boy Pistons were injured and Magic had HIV could Jordan overcome his "competition" for his first title.

This is how his resume reads for his years in the NBA when the competition was at its highest

84-85 First Round Loss to the Milwaukee Bucks 3-1

85-86 Swept First Round By Boston Celtics

86-87 Swept First Round By Boston Celtics

87-88 Second Round Loss to Detroit Pistons 4-1

88-89 Second Round Loss to Detroit Pistons 4-2

89-90 Eastern Conference Finals Loss to Detroit Pistons 4-3

After the golden age of the 80's is when Jordan was able to take advantage of these former stars, now all old or injured, and take over the league.

One gets so tired of hearing that "Jordan would find a way to win". It makes you wonder why he didn't find it sooner against the best competition.


“I know, I covered the team, I was with the Wizards that year, about the last week or two of Jordan’s career. I wrote for the New York Times a story about his last game. The players were sick of him. I mean they were really weren’t enjoying playing with the great Michael Jordan that most of them grew up idolizing, including [Jerry] Stakchouse” Boussard said, via Aegir Svensson of TalkBasket.net.

Just recently, former Wizards forward Jerry Stackhouse opened up about how he wishes he never got the opportunity to play alongside his idol. According to the two-time All-Star who was teammates with Jordan during the 2002-03 campaign, he just did not appreciate how Jordan pretty much ran the team.

This narrative does not take away anything from Jordan’s many achievements during his Hall of Fame career, but it does speak volumes of the type of person he was with his teammates.

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