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Rothstein’s BE Power Rankings 1 week 2 days ago #390789

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fordham96 wrote:

SJUhoopNUT wrote:

fordham96 wrote:

SJUhoopNUT wrote:

fordham96 wrote:

SJUhoopNUT wrote: Uconn at number 3 is a little suspect. I know they have some nice talent and that guard Bouknight is very good but I don't buy it. I don't think the transition will be that easy.

They finished the season on a serious roll, winning 6 out of last 7 (Only loss was an OT loss at Temple). They return all of their main guys and have a terrific class coming in. I think they are poised to be really good next year.

Uconn beat South Fl, Central Florida, Tulane, and East Carolina and Memphis in that stretch. Only Memphis was over 500 in conference, and barely over. Also Temple beat them and they were only 6-12 in the American.

Like I said, they will struggle with the grind that is the Big East. The depth in the American is nowhere near the Big East. That being said, I respect Hurley and their talent level so I wouldn't be shocked if they end up in the top half. Just wouldn't put them there yet.

You're acting like UCONN has been a mid-major for 2 decades and are taking a step up. Put aside the fact they have spent a good portion of the last 25-30 years in the BE and dominating it, they won a National title in the AAC. Who does Gonzaga beat in their conference every year outside of St. Mary's? Does that mean Gonzaga would be a middle of the pack BE team if they converted? Their recruiting alone is better then almost every BE team. And let's not overrate the BE, outside of NOVA no one has done anything in the NCAA Tourney.. And I think the BE is good. But jeez stop acting like UCONN has been in the MAAC the last 7 years. Look at the type of kids they are getting, they are getting high level 4 star kids.

1. Jim Calhoun built Uconn. He's not there. Uconn's past isn't relevant at this point. They have none of his DNA left.
2. The Gonzaga comparison make no sense. They dominate their league. They dominate nationally. They are a top 5 program year in year out. They would be right at the top with Nova in our league. Uconn doesn't have that pedigree anymore. Again, they haven't had anywhere near the success they expected in their new league. Apples and oranges.
3. Not Worth debating Big East vs American. Forget March, I'm talking about on a nightly basis, American can't hold a candle to the Big East. Once you get past the top 2 or 3 teams in each league, the Big East just takes over.

2)Beating the lesser teams is the first step in being good. You don't go 5-13 in th conferece because you lose to only Creighton and Nova. You lose to bad teams a lot as well. Conversely you don't go 14-4 or 13-5 etc by just beating the Creightons and Nova's. Embedded in those numbers are a lot of wins over some mediocre to bad teams.

Duke's last 6 games last year. Again I am not saying UCONN is as good as Duke. What I am saying is you have to be careful about just looking at good wins. Most of the good teams have a TON of wins over bad teams. Last 6 games, NC St twice, Wake Forest, Virginia, Virgina Tech and North Carolina. They went 3-3 and the only team in that stretch that was an NCAA team definite was UVA and they lost to them. They also lost to a very bad Wake team.

Yea and... there’s pretty much no bad teams in the big East. That’s the point everyone’s trying to make.

UConn isn’t gonna have some easy nights where they get Tulane at home. Or ECU, USF, etc.

DePaul is probably the worst team, and even they were #94 in Kenpom at the end of this season, still top 100.

The American has Temple #115, USF #117, UCF #125, Tulane #185, and of course ECF down there at #217.

For reference, a couple programs a couple notches higher than ECU in kenpom? Prairie View A&M from the mighty SWAC conference come in at #213. Northern Arizona from the Big Sky come in at #215.

Yes, UConn recruits well, yes they won 6 of their last 7... but show me which big East program isn’t favored in 6 of their last 7 with UConn’s slate of opponents?

It’s a step up, and it’s definitely going to be an adjustment. There’s no nights off in the big East.

Also, not for nothing, but in this win streak you are boasting about, they had a guy Christian Vital go off and scored 23,21,24,27,26 and 28 points in the wins.

He was a senior. Akok Akok another rotation guy out for the year already as you know.

But hey maybe they adjust well and finish top half. The guy you were initially arguing with didn’t even rule out the possibility of that but you still had to put your cape on for *checks notes* a team that bailed on our conference and is coming back with their tail between their legs. To each his own I guess
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Rothstein’s BE Power Rankings 1 week 2 days ago #390791

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Uconn has a nice roster of young players and a good transfer or two like RJ Cole. They still have to put it together though. They lose Vital and Alterique and that’s quite a bit. Not sure who will settle into the pg role. Gaffney was improving and RJ Cole is more of a shooter/scorer. It will be an adjustment for Cole who, while an excellent scorer who had a nice game against Georgetown and one or two others, will have to deal with much better overall competition day in and day out than at Howard.

Bouknight is a star for sure and Richie Springs and Andre Jackson are excellent recruits. I still want to see Hurley and what he can do with them. Uconn doesn’t have a dominating frontcourt. Sanogo is nice as well. Akok likely out. They are certainly talented so I don’t think we can overlook that. They have more talent than we do on paper. I think Mike Anderson is a better coach though and our style is a bear to deal with. Can’t overlook them though.

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