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TOPIC: About Last Night

About Last Night 6 days 19 hours ago #377055

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Well said! Agreed. Earlington has DESIRE, well improve, and won't be denied. Champagnie is only a freshman.

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About Last Night 6 days 18 hours ago #377057

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SJU85 wrote:

Duke of Earlington wrote: Does this thread have anything to do w/ rob lowe and demi moore?

I saw the title of the thread and thought, "It wasn't a bad movie.."

Glad no one is bringing up the Kevin Hart remake.
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About Last Night 6 days 18 hours ago #377058

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richard A Steinfeld wrote:

Windy City Johnny Fan wrote:

panther2 wrote: After reading the posts on here this season, I was dismayed by the amount of negativity directed towards the team.
Heron is an overrated failure who has quit on his teammates and is not really hurt.
LJ needs to find out what he wants to do in life because he is not going to have a future in basketball.
Greg Williams need to transfer, he has taken steps backward.
Josh Roberts is definitely not a Big East ballplayer.
Rutherford is out of his depth, couldn't even play at Monmouth.
Caraher is too slow to play in the Big East.
Dunn can't shoot.
Champagnie is overrated.
Earlington is a Gunner.
Sears is just useless.
Anderson's system won't work in the Big East, he needs to adapt.
There is going to be a MASS EXODUS of players after the season.

What I saw last night was a group of young men playing hard and encouraging each other. They haad a rough couple of weeks but came out with intensity and won the game. If you watched the interaction you can see how they supported each other. One instance that stands out is when Roberts missed a dunk off of a nice feed from Dunn, Dunn was the first to let him know, hey let it go.

LJ made shots last night and hustled on defense to get steals. Williams is finally getting into shape. It really disturbed me that some on here were writing him off at the beginning of the season even though we all knew he had a back injury. Rutherford played great D and made a couple of steals that lead to easy baskets.Caraher played hard and made a couple of shots.Dunn played within himself, hustled and got to the basket. Champagnie played an all around game. Earlington made some big shots when we needed them. Even got down in the low post. While Sears didn't score, he played good defense and got a couple of rebounds. Roberts was a force protecting the rim. Yes, all of our players have flaws in their games, some are young and just getting used to playing at this level. Others, while experienced, are not used to being the primary option. However, when they paly together as they did last night, good things happen.

In regards to Heron, I feel that those who doubted the seriousness of his injury, owe him an apology. He was hurt and tried to play through it until he just couldn't anymore. He has has carried himself as a gentleman since he has been here.

Coach Anderson should be commended for the job he has done this season. In spite of injuries and inexperienced players, he has held this group together through some rough times. watching last night's game, I did not see a bunch of players who were planning a MASS EXODUS. What I saw were young men playing hard, together, and with Pride. This is is a reflection of their respect for themselves and their coach.

Respect this post, and wish I had this sort of positivity.

That said, if you are this offended by some negativity, maybe a fan message board for a team that hasn't advanced to its conference semi-finals or won an NCAA tournament game in 20 years and who before last night was 2-9 in conference with 2 wins vs Depaul isn't the best place for you.

Just yesterday we had one of our best players announced to be out for the year (I did not and do not question his injury) and an annointed Big Man Savior who turned out to be a total bust get suspended likely never to be heard from again. This stuff never ever stops. I think it's ludicrous that being negative and skeptical about this program at this point somehow makes you a bad person.

Glad we won. We'll see what happens the rest of the way, and with roster in the off season. Who knows at this point, anyone who claims they know what will happen on that front is guessing. Would like to see some more tangible results on recruiting trail soon.

You make a good point regarding following the team the last 20 years, have to expect some negativity. Regarding Heron, injuries cant be predicted and are part of the game. I think Heron tried to play through the injury, but was subpar ,affecting the team performance... Regarding the Steere situation , that problem diminishes when you look at character and work ethic when recruiting and discipline accordingly, which CMA does, an important intangible of recruiting. Eli Wright was also a problem and is not even on a roster today.

Heron was struggling this year before the injury and did not play well last year. I’ve never heard any suggestion that the injury was affecting his play. He certainly did t appear to be limping. How do we know that he didn’t simply turn his ankle again in practice?

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About Last Night 6 days 15 hours ago #377066

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Let's be honest. Most people here frequent the "other" SJU fan board from time to time, if not more often. The whole notion of Heron "pulling a Lovett" -- which I think is unfounded BS - was started there. Likewise, the whole notion of us having a "mass exodus" was started there. The creator of that site and others have been piling on Anderson and this staff from Day 1, either because they aren't happy with how Mullin was treated at the end and/or their allegiances now lie in Lincoln, Nebraska (and, boy, its lovely to watch them be god awful this year). The "glass half full" approach that was common the past few years has been abandoned for a "doomsday" avenue, and the positive spin thrust towards every kid our former "recruiter" brought in, irrespective of the red flags and circumstances, has devolved to talking crap about our current roster and anyone this new staff recruits.
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About Last Night 6 days 13 hours ago #377075

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Thank you Panther for bringing fans back down to earth. Yes, we are a flawed team but we finally have a coach who is an old school teacher of the game and whether certain players stay or leave they will have learned valuable lessons from coach Anderson and that is TEAM FIRST.
All characters and events depicted in this post are entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 
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About Last Night 6 days 4 hours ago #377089

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Great posts here. I’ll always support kids and a staff that prioritize education and hard work. The staff leads by example. Earlington’s growth this year and champagnie’s promise are great to see!
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About Last Night 6 days 2 hours ago #377099

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great post panther and other follow up posts on his

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