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TOPIC: (PRE-GAME) Providence, Wed. Feb. 12, 8:30p, CBS SN / 570 WMCA

(PRE-GAME) Providence, Wed. Feb. 12, 8:30p, CBS SN / 570 WMCA 1 week 23 hours ago #376685

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MarkRedman wrote: While I like your 7 man rotation, I believe that Sears is really not a BE caliber player and should only play if absolutely needed. While he hustles and plays aggressively, I have my doubts about Caraher as well.

MR, agree on Sears but was suggesting he might be needed against PC's big men for minor minutes especially if Roberts and/or Earlington have foul trouble. As for Caraher, since we just lost our best spot up 3 point shooter and we will absolutely face a lot of zone, I think he may be useful tonight if he can hit a few open threes.
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(PRE-GAME) Providence, Wed. Feb. 12, 8:30p, CBS SN / 570 WMCA 1 week 23 hours ago #376686

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usguard wrote: We have a lot of players on this team that would be at best bench players on most BE teams it we do not or are unable to get we will stay at the bottom

There are what...2 guys on this team that this staff brought in who weren't emergency transfer fill-ins? And one of them is out the whole year after shoulder surgery. After they were hired they had what, 2-3 weeks to recruit for the 2019-2020 class, 95+% of which had already signed with other programs?

It takes time to turn an aircraft carrier around, especially one as badly damaged as our program was when they arrived.

Next year you have a core of their guys:

If you keep Williams, Roberts, Earlington and possibly Figeroa you have an exciting nucleus with a mix of under and upper classmen... All with skill sets that play to this staff's style. That's a very different scenario than where we are this year.

Nobody was going to come in here and make this team an NCAA tournament team without a huge amount of good fortune. Being down about this staff not being able to pull of the (nearly) impossible makes no sense for any of us.
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(PRE-GAME) Providence, Wed. Feb. 12, 8:30p, CBS SN / 570 WMCA 1 week 20 hours ago #376698

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Monte wrote:

RedmanMike wrote: Do you guys remember Lavor Postell? He was a very good player for us, and a leader on the first two Jarvis teams that were so good. He was an unheralded recruit (by Mahoney, originally) and in his freshman year he averaged 5.6 ppg, 3.3rpg, and 2.2apg on Fraschilla's first team that went 13-14. Nothing overwhelming, but he showed some flashes. I think Champ could end up having a career like Postell had. His freshman year is better statistically, and he seems to have that head-down, nose-to-the-grindstone attitude that Postell had. And he has a nose for the ball like Postell had.

Thought he was recruited by Fran and thought he was a top 75-100 kid. Fran brought in so much high ranked talented that Postell almost seemed like an afterthought, but if I remember correctly he was highly thought of coming out of high school. Granted it took him a few years to get going, much like SirDom.

Yes a Fran recruit Averaged 10 and 5 as a soph on a team dominated by Felipe, Zendon and Metta. Was alwasy on a team with at least 2 other NBA guys and/or to 25 recruits who were more ball or shot dominant. Came out of HS a couple years before RSCI started doing consensus rankings but I do recall him being a bottom quarter top 100, however Clark Francis had him in his top 25 www.hoopscooponline.com/members/top100classof1996.html . Played 3 years for the Knicks as a reserve before heading overseas.

As others have pointed out before I posted this I guess he signed before Mahoney was fired, which makes sense. Knew he played as a frosh for Fran.
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(PRE-GAME) Providence, Wed. Feb. 12, 8:30p, CBS SN / 570 WMCA 1 week 17 hours ago #376718

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Watching Butler Xavier SH Creighton how nice it is to have shooters just shows how we stick out like a sore thumb offensively Nithing we can do this yr
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