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TOPIC: Reasonable Expectations for Steere

Reasonable Expectations for Steere 2 weeks 3 days ago #375560

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kred wrote: So we have 4 guys that coach has no need for (Caraher, Roberts, Steere, Seares ). That is they would not be in the rotation of any team in the BE). G'Town loses 3 players at the beginning of the year and has their best player come up injured. I know CMA did the best he could to fill in the roster but this is very sad. Get me to the end of this season.Please !

I'd take Roberts off that list. He just has a major hole in his game right now with his FT shooting. That's going to happen with bigmen, especially underclassmen who were projects when they were recruited. If he works as hard this off season of FT's and a face up 10-12 footer as he did this last year, then he's going to be much improved next year.

The roster is what it is. Frankly, I'm not unhappy with the effort or the direction so far and I'm thankful the staff was able to cobble together a competitive lineup .
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Reasonable Expectations for Steere 2 weeks 2 days ago #375582

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SJUFAN2 wrote:

SJUNC wrote: I understand why neither Roberts or Steere are on the floor for the majority of the game but that last possession when you know where they are going with the ball you need to put a big body or two on the floor. Steere also must have had some practice time against Yurtseven at NC State. Why not try something different defensively.

I get the desire to try something different, but if you are the coach and you aren't playing a guy because he doesn't buy into your program, how do you justify putting him out there with 1 min left to play? A- he's not in the flow of the game, B- he's not prepared to play. If he were practicing like everyone else, he'd be playing already, and C- How do you go back to Roberts, Champagnie, LG & Earlington and ask them to dig down deeper in the next practice or the next game after you gave the most critical minute of the game to a guy who isn't working as hard as they are every day?

Certainly understand that Coach sees efforts in practice that I am not privy too and I agree If I had any thought of using Steere I would not have waited until 12 seconds left to use him. Not fair to anyone I guess I was a little unclear mixing two different thoughts. 1. Could Steere give you something against a player he had more experience against. 2. There definitely should have been a bigger player in defensively in the last 12 seconds. Having not played Steere it should have been Roberts.

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Reasonable Expectations for Steere 2 weeks 2 days ago #375590

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To be clear, I advocated for him playing during the game in spots, not only during the last sequence. But, I do recognize what others have said about "buying in" and that he's destined to be gone soon anyway. Just thinking in-game and what would have given us a better chance to win.

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Reasonable Expectations for Steere 2 weeks 2 days ago #375627

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I had high hopes for him. But if he's not trying in practice, if I'm coach, I can't trust him to care enough in a close game.

If we ever blow people out toward end of season, maybe coach will stick him in there for real minutes to showcase him for his next team. But if the staff can't say truthfully say that they trust him to care, I'd tell him don't bother showing up anymore. You can take classes on our dime until your last final, but maybe you should clear your stuff out of your room pretty soon afterward.

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Reasonable Expectations for Steere 2 weeks 2 days ago #375630

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NCJohnnie wrote: Roberts started the second half playing well with lots of energy. I do think coach is very reluctant to play him during the latter part of a game where we are in front due to his horrendous free throw shooting.

Funny story...got to my seats and a woman and a young boy were sitting in 2 of the 4 seats. Turned out she was in the wrong row, I laughed and told her she had better seats than I did. She got up to move down to her seats. I asked who she was rooting for and she sai”My son’s team!”, , ,Josh Roberts mom. Felt bad for her and him w/his limited PT.
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