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TOPIC: Reminder: Forum Etiquette

Reminder: Forum Etiquette 11 months 2 weeks ago #328032

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As the season comes to a close emotions are high and I am posting a friendly reminder that this is a moderated forum and basic civility is required to remain a member in good standing.

This site is a playground for people of all races, faiths, and ages who support this program to meet and discuss their shared passion. Treat everyone with respect and civility.

If you can't play by that simple rule, you will get demoted to the rookie forum for a period of time. Repeat and/or egregious offenders will be permanently banned.

I should not have to clarify this in any way as it is both common sense and common decency and all of the common areas such as hate speech of course, apply as does the general rule of civil engagement being attack the argument, not the person. Passive aggressive behavior / flame baiting is just as bad as the flaming and attacks so don't start it or portray yourself as a victim to stir up trouble. This includes attacks and innuendo regarding the the moderators/moderation: whining about moderation or otherwise attacking the moderators is not tolerated. The moderators are people who put themselves in the position of making difficult judgment calls and get zero credit or compensation but in some cases years of criticism and personal attacks. Those members who engage in this show little class or respect for this community as a whole. The moderators as well as every other member who doesn't want to read through your: complaining, trolling, flaming and flame baiting.


(1)if you see something offensive, report it. Do not reply in kind. "He started it" or "Another poster has gotten away with worse" are not viable defenses for poor behavior.
(2) Politics and religion are not for this site. since here and in our society in general today it is impossible to have civil political discussions, it naturally falls under flame baiting.
(3) images, memes etc fall under the same guidelines as everything else.
(4) "just a joke" is not a free pass
“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”
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