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TOPIC: Next Year, what if .....

Next Year, what if ..... 6 months 1 week ago #320982

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Room112 wrote:

MBaldi wrote: Sorry, respectfully, I don’t understand the need for such a post (one injury away from season over). One could say this in many contexts, including outside of college basketballl. I could get hit by a car this afternoon, but negative thought that does not do me any good.

I'm just keeping it real dude. I'm not saying is likely or will ever happen. But if you don't consider the worst case scenario, you'll probably have an emotional breakdown on this board if it does occur.

And I'm one of the more optimistic people here :) :)

Also to Baldi's point getting hit by a car would suck for you but hopefully you have a good life insurance policy so it doesn't suck quite as much for your loved ones.

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Next Year, what if ..... 6 months 1 week ago #321046

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BrookJersey Redmen wrote: SS&G, having one too many??

Ponds wanted to leave after last year; he's gone drafted on not, I personally think if he is not drafted, then he gets an NBA invite anyway and makes a team, he is too good not to.

A poor man's Kemba Walker.

There are poor man's Kemba Walkers all over Europe. It's no shame to play there. From a few Euro players I spoke to, the money and the perks are good enough to be plenty comfortable after a 10 year career. I have heard comparisons to Walker and Nick Van Excel, but Ponds has a different game than most guards. He is a little pg, a little sg, and a lot of finesse and spin moves and then spin off the glass. I'm not saying he's Earl Monroe, but there are some similarities. The Pearl did not possess a ton of athleticism, I never saw him dunk, and don't know if he ever did. He wasn't a deep threat. But he was pretty automatic from 15 feet and in, and his spin moves could not be defended even though everyone knew what was coming. I remember a game he was tearing the Knicks up. No one could guard him. He tore up Frazier and Barnett. At the end of the half, the seldom used former SJU great John Warren was put in by Red Holtzman to guard Monroe. I think Monroe played around with Warren for a few seconds, and then hit a jumper over him from about 30 to end the half. Type of thing Ponds has done a few times.

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Next Year, what if ..... 6 months 1 week ago #321103

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no way Ponds does not get drafted. He can score, he can play defense, and he can pass. He's getting a late 1st round or 2nd round pick up. Worst case the knicks grab him in round two. They will not pass on another local hero again. As far as anyone else, I think Heron came here for the right reasons and will stay a final year. With him Simon, and Figgy back, thats a great core to build on with all the new talent coming in. I think although we are losing Ponds ( who's been unbelievable for us ) we will be a strong deep tourney team once again.
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