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TOPIC: (POST-GAME) @Villanova, Tues., Jan. 8, 7p, FS-1 / 970 AM

(POST-GAME) @Villanova, Tues., Jan. 8, 7p, FS-1 / 970 AM 6 days 8 hours ago #313902

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Mike Zaun wrote: Love Heron, but 8 pts not going to cut it against Nova. Very early on he looked better than Ponds. Was much more confident going to the rim and seemed to finish well. Not sure what happened (maybe Big East happened), but if we are going to be a tournament team we will need a lot more from him. Great kid.

He's scored 19, 16, 12 and 8. Downward trend, yes? But hardly like he's fallen off a cliff like many posters are saying.

Prior to last night (27%) from the field, his last 4 games were min 45%.

He is shooting better from the field and 3 this year than BOTH his years at Auburn.
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(POST-GAME) @Villanova, Tues., Jan. 8, 7p, FS-1 / 970 AM 6 days 7 hours ago #313907

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Marvin Clark took 9 shots last night. 8 of them were three pointers. That needs to change.

Simon took 14 shots to LJ's 8. That also needs to change.

We only went to the line 8 times. Not good enough.
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(POST-GAME) @Villanova, Tues., Jan. 8, 7p, FS-1 / 970 AM 6 days 7 hours ago #313908

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Heron did not lose the game . that was a total Team Effort and includes the Coaching staff . Heron played only 24 minutes duevto foul trouble and his 8 points reflect that reduced role . He seemed to be tasked with Paschall a lot and he was muscled a lot and had a tough time being over powered . He did crash into Paschall on a 3 pointer but, I think Paschall missed 1 of the free throws . The last few games too, Heron has either been stripped of the Ball going to the Hoop or, has his lay up roll off the rim or , miss entirely . Maybe it’s
possible the BE is a more physical league than the SEC? I ask because Mustapha clearly looks distressed he isn’t getting a lot of foul calls going his way . Just wondering . He started last night on fire but, his limited minutes hurt us offensively for sure . Not getting to the line on his put back late in the Game was a miscarriage by the Refs . It was clearly in the act of shooting . No, Heron doesn’t deserve the Goat horns for last Night as the game was in our grasp until the Collapse . Simon handling the Ball was not good and I wish the crazy alley oops would disappear as they are 50/50 percentages at best .
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(POST-GAME) @Villanova, Tues., Jan. 8, 7p, FS-1 / 970 AM 6 days 7 hours ago #313910

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It seems each game Heron gets out early with a few 3's made and then is quiet for the rest of the game. I think we need to get him a bit more involved with some post ups or some cuts to the hoop where we pass it to him like we did to start the second half.

Also, sometimes when he gets the ball it becomes glue where he needs to give up if he does not have it. Only bright spot is he may be showing he is not ready for NBA and he comes back next year where he can be "the man" on the team. I think he is struggling being the second option to Ponds.

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(POST-GAME) @Villanova, Tues., Jan. 8, 7p, FS-1 / 970 AM 6 days 7 hours ago #313911

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Lesson is this team is plenty good when moving ball & sharing. Fatigue aside, at crunch time in two losses ample leads were squandered when they stopped ball
movement. Lack of execution with one guy dribbling & four standing around is not a winning formula imo. Late, trailing or tied, they have tendency to let clock run down to minimum & rush ill advised shots.

To be “plenty good” let’s share the rock & attack crisply. On to DePaul!
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(POST-GAME) @Villanova, Tues., Jan. 8, 7p, FS-1 / 970 AM 6 days 7 hours ago #313912

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MarkRedman wrote:

Logen wrote:

MarkRedman wrote:

Logen wrote:

MarkRedman wrote:

pobee10 wrote: Team tempo style. Booths 39 minutes are a lot different than Ponds.

We play at a frenetic pace up and down the court for 40 minutes
A fun way to play and to watch but very taxing on the players
They need a blow (even a short one) from time to time
We need to have an eight man rotation to give our starters adequate rest
That didn't happen last night - a major reason for the loss
Before the 4 game stretch, I said I would be OK with going 2-2
In the aftermath, I'm not - we should have won them all!!!!

So while we are playing at a frenetic pace up and down the court Nova is watching us, resting right? They are not playing at a frenetic pace to keep up? Conversely, if they slow the ball down, we are not slowing down on defense to cover our men, but rather running round at a frenetic pace, right? Come on, the lack of use of the bench is legit but this “we are tired” is nonsense because the two players who beat us played the same minutes our players played. And so did Gillespie, who did a great job on Ponds down the stretch. And funny, we never hear a complaint about Ponds minutes when he takes over a game at the end after playing all those minutes. We played poorly for significant stretches of the game and lost, period, end of story. If you want to criticize the lack of bench use, fine,it is a fair criticism but don’t make up reasons that defy logic. Finally, go look up minutes played; our players, individually do not average more minutes than other teams main players. We play our starting five more but all average from high twenties to Ponds at 34 minutes per game, which is exactly what Booth averages, Powell averages more.

Do the research before stating your opinion
We played 2 subs for a total of 32 minutes
They played 4 subs for a total of 66 minutes
Their bench logged more than twice the number of minutes than ours did
And all 4 of their subs played more than 10 minutes
Only one of ours did
Their bench outscored us 21-5


Don't change your narrative because you are proven wrong with FACTS. Your original premise was that we lost because we were tired, not that they got more bench production. All I addressed was the "tired" theme.. If you read my post you would understand I acknowledged that criticism of the bench use was legitimate, but not the premise we were tired. So don't change your argument in midstream, that loses a debate every time.

This is my last post on the subject. If you want the last word, you can have it. The issues are tied together. They are not mutually exclusive. Failure to provide adequate rest for our starters results in less player and ball movement and more standing around and one on one play on the offensive end. Bottom line and simply put, we are less efficient and less productive when our starters have to log too many minutes.

I'll take the last word, we just disagree and you are clutching at straws. What causes our standing around in the first half when we go in droughts, the anticipation of being tired? Our starters do not play any more minutes than any other teams main players. That is a fact so stick with your narrative all you want, it is a false one.

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(POST-GAME) @Villanova, Tues., Jan. 8, 7p, FS-1 / 970 AM 6 days 6 hours ago #313922

  • Ray Morgan
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When Ponds plays well the last 5 minutes we win, when he doesn't, we lose. It's not that it's all on him, it's that the team is designed around him. Mullin said that the depth at guard would allow him to give Ponds more rest. That needs to happen, and soon. Some guys, like Paschall, are built for 40 minutes. Paschall is beating on the other guy all night. Ponds is slightly built and takes a pounding going to the hoop. If he is to be the guy taking most of the big shots in tight games, he needs to be rested to be effective.

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(POST-GAME) @Villanova, Tues., Jan. 8, 7p, FS-1 / 970 AM 6 days 6 hours ago #313924

  • Enright
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Mullin has to accept the fact that Ponds game suffers at the end of games when he plays upwards of 35 minutes and when his game suffers in those last 5 minutes since he always has the ball the SJU offense goes flat.
There are players whose game doesn't suffer when they play this much but probably because he always seems to have the ball in crunch time and works so hard his does. You don't like to see him go to the bench late in games but sitting him at around the thirty second minute for a couple of minutes would probably benefit both him and SJU.

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(POST-GAME) @Villanova, Tues., Jan. 8, 7p, FS-1 / 970 AM 6 days 6 hours ago #313925

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My problem with Heron is we were up 4-5 points in crunch time and he is running the fast break 3 on 1. And from the moment he started dribbling to the moment he missed the layup there was no impetus to go hard. He looked hesitant/lackadaisical the entire time and I was certain he’d blow the bunny. That should not be the case for a kid with that much talent!
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(POST-GAME) @Villanova, Tues., Jan. 8, 7p, FS-1 / 970 AM 6 days 5 hours ago #313928

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Monte wrote: Jay Wright is a hall of game coach who has won 2 out of the last 3 national championships. Chris is still learning to coach. Guys like Jay usually figure out how to pull out games like this, especially at home. No knock on Chris, who I love, but he’s going to get outcoached in some of these games for now. Still think we’re the better team.

We got killed on the boards, especially the offensive boards. That is why we lost.
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