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TOPIC: Yakwe - what's gone wrong ?

Yakwe - what's gone wrong ? 9 months 2 days ago #276533

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mjmaherjr wrote:

JohnnyFan wrote:

Beast of the East wrote:

bamafan wrote:

Paultzman wrote: Could graduate in May apparently

Well guess we found one thing he is good at and at least it should help the team in that NCAA academic requirement score. Still think in spot duty could have helped the team down the stretch and even if you knew he was leaving why he wasn't used at all is still a mystery to me.

It's very clear he spent too much damned time studying.

Damn kid planning for his future. What about our needs?

we aren't even greedy. 10 points and 6 rebounds :)

We should make sure we don't go after kids like this who focus too much on academics. The signs were all there.
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Yakwe - what's gone wrong ? 9 months 1 day ago #276545

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I think many of us fans and posters wished Yakwe would / could have provided more than he did during his time here . He was a Easy player to like , especially as a freshman playing on Mullin’s first year team of 5 th year players , Ali, Mussini, Ellison , etc . Yakwe’s athleticism and shot blocking got him a lot of minutes that year and gave hope to him further developing his game . It didn’t happen , unfortunately . His poor hands, lack of any semblance of offensive post moves , pogo stick defense and , in the Gtown game , knowing not to foul a 3 point shooter with the game clearly in our hands . It was a lot to overcome . Plus , when Yakwe and Ali were on the Court together , they were mercilessly taken advantage of by opponents . So , Mullin decided it was better to play the Core 5 as much as possible and not fall hopelessly behind by subbing them in . Several posters here wishfully hoped Yakwe could have done a few minutes of good basketball but, the reality was , he couldn’t . They did not recognize the liability he posed in close games . Many , right up to the last game , hoped he could grab a rebound or score a dunk but, it wasn’t a reality . Wish him well and he wore the Red and White nobly .
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