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TOPIC: When St. John's Ran New York / Newsday

NEWSDAY - When St. John's Ran N.Y. 9 months 3 days ago #276319

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I was in the front row behind the 2nd half sju basket slightly to the right of the rim. Lined up with the blocks. On the grainy replays of the finals I could see myself and friends storm the court. Recognized what I wore that day, corduroys and a sky blue hoodie. I'd ride opposing players mercilessly when teams lined up for foul shots. You had to scream and could barely hear your own voice. It be hoarse at work for 2 days. Friends and coworkers would see me on tv since I was front row.

Every game was a war, and it was the the most important place to be when we played. The city didnt stop, it never does, but everyone knew st johns. You didnt have to manufacture school.pride. it was all around you and I wouldn't have traded it for anything. I always felt privileged to be at sju.

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