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TOPIC: Regular season grades

Regular season grades 9 months 2 days ago #276424

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Ponds - A. yes he is all team big east, and you couldn't imagine where the team would be without him. If you grade him on his best games, it's an A++. But most if the season he was merely very good. Had he played at NBA level all season we'd be dancing.

Simon B+. Rebounds like a forward, runs the door, shot well, fills a stat sheet. NBA sized guard who did a ton nearly every game. Asset.

Clark solid B. How can you not love this guy, who is a rock solid person. Nice season, but a forward who doesn't rebound on a squad like this cant get any more than a B. Good shooter . Would be a great 4th or 5th option on a tourney team.

Owens. C+. He went from human eraser to a baseline shooter. Pleasantly surprised at his range but at what expense? Got pushed around by stronger big men like govan and Delgado. Needs bulk and a post game to be impactful steadily. Are 8 rebounds per game too much to ask from him?

Ahmed C+ At his best could light it up in spurts, at his worst could take I'll advised shots at exactly the wrong time. All in all solid season, with a lot more good than bad. Gave the teams points and toughness.

Trimble C - showed he may become instant offense off the bench, and not a bad job as a frosh. Contributed little though beyond being able to hit his jumper. Needs to get in better game shape to be a BE player.

Yakwe D+. He was being piece mealed minutes and providing solid bench role until his injury took him out of rotation. Hopefully can put in meaningful and productive bench minutes as a senior.

Amar. D+ everything you would ever want in a teammate. Appeared to be more restrained on the court offensively, more interested in setting screens than launching bombs. Produced reasonably well when given major minutes late. Hard not to love this kid, but overall a sub par BE player.

Coaching. Did our staff do a great job keeping our guys playing hard all season, especially when 11 game streak crushed all hope? Yes. Was inexperience responsible for getting us there or was it a thin roster ? Grade B if you love Mullin and staff. C if you don't. Anything above or below is misguided.
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Regular season grades 9 months 2 days ago #276425

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Concur with Beast's assessment and have one additional comment regarding Tariq. I believe he can get a bit stronger, but doubt he can add bulk at this point. One area, via drills, he can improve upon is developing better balance. Too often he takes spills or stumbles in the heat of battle, not necessarily caused by being outmuscled. ( obviously that often occurred also ) With Keita and an additional big in the fold, he hopefully will become more of a stretch four, which is more in tune with his weak side blocking and shooting abilities.
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Regular season grades 9 months 2 days ago #276451

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Ponds (A) 1st Team All Big East, enough said.

Simon (A-) Exceeded expectations in my opinion. Provided versatility as guard who mixes it up. Not a shooter but puts pressure by creating transition plays.

Owens (A-) Our key player on defense. Elite shot blocker with a high motor and can guard multiple positions. Learned how to stay out foul trouble playing 30mpg. Although streaky can stretch the floor out to the 3. Most of his flaws are due to lack of strength, but I give him a pass because he has to play out of position at Center.

Clark (B ) Much better offensive player than I thought he would be; best shooter on the team. Could of grabbed a few more boards and posted up a little more. High character solid player who can do little bit of everything.

Ahmed (B-) I admit I like this kid more than most on here. Streaky player in general but did some good work this year. Solid scorer who had a knack for hitting key shots. His aggressiveness was a double edged sword; he could shoot us back in a game or out of one. Good defender when engaged but not the case most of the time. Free throws are what really hurt him, with his style of play he could get to the line but couldn't make them.

Trimble (C) Our entire bench pretty much. I didn't expect much from him seeing as he is just a freshman. Got forced into more minutes due to lack of depth. Had some good moments but mostly just there to give the starters a breather. Decent shooter and doesn't turn the ball over, which is probably due to him not trying to make any plays. Showed some game but needs to get in better shape and keep working on that shot.

Alibegovic (C) Supposed to be able to shoot but doesn't make threes. To his credit he showed much more restraint on just letting it go just beacause he was open. Thought he made smart passes on offense when he did play. Dont think he hurt us just couldn't make a difference either. Good locker room guy.

Yakwe (C-) The great mystery. I thought he was playing decent early on and had a few decent moments in conference. Can still block shots but never understood why with his leaping ability he wasn't a monster on the glass. Doesnt seem like he has improved since he's been here which is odd considering raw athletic guys like himself usually improve with time. I don't think he necessarily hurt or helped us with his play we were just better playing our starters as much as possible.

Mullin (B-) Want to give him a better grade but we finished last in the Big East. I think he is doing a good job. OOC was a lot of fun and Mullin showed he can win some games with a full rotation. 11 game win streak is what really hurts him, ideally he could of coached 2 or 3 wins out of the team during that span. Gets a lot of credit for keeping the guys together after all the disappointment and gave some hope for the future with the Duke/Nova wins b2b. Also player retention has to improve if he is going to have a consistent program.

LoVett (Q+) Yeah...

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