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TOPIC: NIT Bracketology - St John's In

NIT Bracketology - St John's In 9 months 1 day ago #276570

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Enright wrote: Like Class of 72 I would love to see changes in the selection of the bottom low mid majors. Perhaps eliminate the post season league playoffs which no one attends and use that week to take the top one or two regular season finishers from the bottle mid major twenty or so leagues and have these teams compete for some eight or ten slots eliminating the current eight 15 and 16 seeds who have very little shot of winning a game ( eight in about two hundred games.
You would eliminate the current NCAA play in games, reward the mid major regular season champs , substitute a tournament of mid major champs from the various leagues for the current league tournaments which seem to draw less people than high school games and allow teams that finish last in their league to get a bid.
The current mid major tournaments are supposedly played to make the leagues money. Whenever I turn one on the stands are empty but if the leagues suffer a loss there is so much money in the tournament the NCAA could easily pay the leagues for any money lost.
You would have some eight more bids for the top fifteen or so leagues which I don't think is important but I would like to cut those bottom mid major bids who just can't compete.

Yes what the dance needs is a bunch more teams that can't finish in the top third of their own conference.

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NIT Bracketology - St John's In 9 months 1 day ago #276572

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redmen1969 wrote: A few years ago we paid around 30k or so to be in tournament for teams that didn't make the NIT. IMHO that was the low point for the dignity of our program.

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NIT Bracketology - St John's In 9 months 1 day ago #276577

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I love the title of this topic! If we are "in" we are apparently getting a "bye" until next year's tournament.:P
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NIT Bracketology - St John's In 9 months 1 day ago #276580

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My suggestion to change the NCAA selection was aimed at eliminating the current 16 vs 1 and 15 vs 2 mismatches and at the same time eliminate the mid major post season tournaments which make their regular season games meaningless.
I won't want to add more undeserving majors to the tournament but that is probably better than the current system. Perhaps the number of invites could be cut back to forty eight with byes for the top seeds as it once was but the NCAA would never cut games.

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