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Voting your 401(k) 5 months 6 days ago #387482

  • JohnnyFan
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The board seems to want an outlet for political discussion. I would agree with Moose's suggestion that this is an extraordinary circumstance. The pandemic is a dominant factor in everyone of our lives. We are, to a large extent, at the mercy of our leaders who are divided by party on this issue. Tough to have an apolitical conversation about Covid-19.

Maybe create a thread and let it go? When the pandemic is over, shut it down and return to all ball. Just a suggestion.
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Voting your 401(k) 5 months 6 days ago #387483

  • Fred Solomon
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No, he is unlike most politicians, both left and right! He cares about nothing but getting re-elected and the cost in lives or political casualties is meaningless to him.
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Voting your 401(k) 5 months 6 days ago #387484

  • mjmaherjr
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I voted for him the first time. Had my reasons which I stand by at the time. People vote for their candidate for many reasons. There are people I know who will only vote for a candidate if they are Anti Abortion and those who vote only the other way. That drives me nuts. Things I can tolerate about Trump things that are totally overblown by the media since day one and there are things he’s just an asshole for. I don’t blame anyone if they are voting for him. That being said and only a couple people know but I’m not voting for him this time. Just my own personal choice. Both parties are a disaster
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Voting your 401(k) 5 months 6 days ago #387486

  • usguard
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Wow,I thigh I was reading CNN
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