Way to go Rook!

You made it. You've hit the big time, BUT don't get cocky, you're still just a rookie.

You signed up, signed in and are now with the cool kids. Attaboy! redmen rookie

Here's the difference between a Rookie and your former status as just a LURKER: First, you've shed that dodgy Lurker status. It just sounds bad and kind of creepy. Good for you! Second, as a Rookie you can now participate in the conversation and interact with other members. As a Rookie, some of the features are limited for you and to post in the RedmeTalk forums, you are limited to the Rookie forum. But that is OK. Post an introduction, make some friends and you are on your way to full FAN status.

But wait! There's More! along with other benefits, going from a dubious lurker, to a fresh-faced rookie, means you see less advertisements on the site. As you make progress as a member in fact, you will see even less ads. Lurkers see the most ads (they deserve it!) Logged in Rookies see less than Lurkers, and Logged in FANS see even less.

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So get started. If you haven't done so already start styling your profile. Add a picture of yourself for your avatar. Add links to your other social media like Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. If you are into Etsy or Pinterest, that's cool too.

While you're at it, give redmen.com a follow and a like on Facebook and Twitter and be on the lookout for our new Youtube Channel!

If you are an existing member but have not logged in for a while and don't remember your login information, use the links below. It is important that you keep your email address current for this to work and if you no longer have access to your old email address, (or to report other problems) please contact me directly via handy "Contact" icon on the bottom right of the site. You can private message me on the site if you are logged in, but still need help.

If you have forgotten your username and/or password here are two links to address that (the links only work if you are not currently logged in):

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