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@EvanDaniels: Four high major schools track 2016 German forward Richard Freudenberg | Story: http://t.co/V9cR4Jmnrl http://t.co/b0KFru2FbM

August visit to SJU
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How many of RF's games have you or your guys in the know been to? Why is it that legitimate sources ie Fraschilla have him a solid 4, yet you are saying 2.5 maybe 3? Maybe he pans out maybe he doesn't.. However I just found it odd before he played 1 game that you are selling him short in how good we are told he is.. Thank you

To me at least, a 5 star player is a one and done tyoe of talent. A 4 star player should be capable of stepping into a 1-17 program and either being a starter or a major impact player. If he does either, the high assessment of some will be justified. If he isnt a starter and major impact player at year end he isnt 5 star, and if he isnt a major impact player even off the bench by years end, he likely isnt 4 star either. Id be comfortable with him.working into the rotation off the bench and becoming a solid contributor. Maybe it's star dilution, i dont know, but id expect a 4 star recruit to step in right away and be one of our better players. Not sure that will happen this year, but im comfortable to wait and see
I don't think he is going to step right in and be an impact guy and I think that's a good thing because I'm expecting better things from Bashir and Yakwe and that's not disrespecting RF in the least
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