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TOPIC: Marcellus Earlington, PF, Don Bosco HS, NJ

Marcellus Earlington, PF, Don Bosco HS, NJ 1 week 2 days ago #285237

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Agree with most of that, but I am in no way anti-Mullin. I have said before that I would never support him being forced out under any circumstances. He's earned the right to choose his own course. I am comfortable in that feeling since I believe CM would leave on his own accord if he felt it was not working and the school needed to go in another direction. I don't think we'd find ourselves in a position like with Norm where he forces the school to take him out. He'd leave on his own. I agree that he's done a good job setting the course right, and now it is incremental improvement going forward. Each year he's been here, we've struggled to get better, but we have slowly but surely. I expect that to continue.

My main point is that a lot of the rationalization about roster imbalance is meant to cover over the fact that our certain but slow improvement has thus far not yielded consistent big man recruitment. But, it will come, IMHO.

Logen wrote:

redmanwest wrote: Yes, agreed, but it is still basketball. You still need guys who can shoot the ball, handle the ball, rebound, defend the post, etc. Call the players what you want, but there are still certain things that need to be done. A lot of what people are reacting to is that everyone (even the staff if reports form our most trusted posters are true) knew and wanted to go out and get more size. But whiffed 2 years in a row. So, the "Mullin don't play that" stuff is maybe true to an extent, but maybe also a rationalization due to the fact that you have to play with what you've got, so why gnash about what you don't have. Mullin and staff have actually expended an enormous amount of time and energy trying to get big men, so that sort of dispels the idea that Mullin somehow plays or wants to play a wholly different brand of basketball. Even those teams that are playing similar style as Mullin seems to like (e.g., Villanova) still have several serviceable big men. Basketball is basketball.

Logen wrote: Not sure why people are still hung up on “who’s the 4, who’s the 5, etc.” when it is clear Mullin does not employ the conventional approach to positions. Argue with the approach, but Mullin is not the only coach employing that strategy. He wants players not positions. Again, I can certainly understand disagreeing with the approach but it is proven you can win with this style. It, of course, remains to be seen if Mullin will.

I am not saying size that can play is not a good thing, of course it is. I am saying that size for size sake is not a good thing. Yes, the staff tried to recruit big players that could play and failed, I agree. Knock them for it, no problem. But recognize that SJU is not recruiting from a position of strength, many here don’t like hearing it, but that is the reality. I never once said the staff hasn’t tried or shouldn’t try to recruit big players. But they want big players who can play a quick, fluid game, not big players who just clog the middle. What I object to is what I consider to be the ridiculous narrative that this staff doesn’t recruit. I have never said this staff is perfect, far from it, but some of those “most trusted posters” were the ones preaching patience, patience, patience when Mullin was hired and some have turned pretty quickly from that. None of these “trusted posters” IMO acknowledge the historically, yes, historically inept, non-roster this staff inherited just three years . Again, I understand most don’t want to hear it but building a program from scratch is hard, it takes time and it took time for the best of the best to do it inheriting programs light years ahead of where we were. Somehow the “trusted posters” never acknowledge that perspective. Call me arrogant, call me whatever you want, I think Mullin and co. have done a pretty good job rebuilding this program from NOTHING to something in a short time. Now we need to keep improving year by year.

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