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BTW I dont know scotch prices but I was hanging with SJUFAN2 tonight since he does business with my office and we had a happy hour at Revel in Garden City and luckily we had 5 people paying for it but the bill was 2200 dollars but $520 for for 13 Mcallum scotches. Does anyone drink this stuff ? $40 a drink to me is insane. I'm so pissed. It wasn't my money but I'm not letting these f'ing pikers order that shit anymore

That is crazy unless it was one of their really old blends which can go well into 5 figures a bottle.. Mcallum 18 used to be my scotch of choice. But $40/pop would have annoyed me just on the principle, as I suffered through it :)

( Note to self: drinks with SJUFAN2 )

Funny you mention the Mcallum 18. Someone had one of those at $46 a glass 3 Mcallum 12's for $50 amd 13 Glenlivets for $546
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That's pretty cool - a Dunkin Donuts inspired craft brew. Doesn't sound like I'll be able to get it in North Carolina though. I'll have to be satisfied with Sierra Nevada's seasonal coffee stout, which we enjoyed over the Thanksgiving holiday!

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