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  3. Sunday, 07 January 2018
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In my depression about the season being in jeopardy with this really bad in conference start I am trying to find a reason to revive some SJU hoops hope after the DePaul debacle.

So in that spirit It is worth noting the following:
1) That tonight Ohio State blew out Number one Michigan State in Columbus.
2) Yesterday Number two Duke got skewered on the road by NC State.
3) This means number three Villanova will almost surely be the new number one team in the new poll.
4) So If we can get by Georgetown at the Garden on Tuesday and
5) Villanova beats Xavier at home on Wednesday then
6) We have the opportunity to play the number one team in the nation at MSG on Saturday Night.
7) At this point It is beyond all logic that we could win of course. However if this opportunity comes to fruition then this team will never have a greater Carpe Diem moment.
8) The optimist and the dreamer in me is hoping all of this happens. Stranger things have happened but certainly as a St. John's fan none jump to mind about our team right now.
9) That said if this scenario plays out I will be at the Garden rooting like hell for the hugest of upsets.

To quote Al Michaels:
'Do you believe in miracles? YES!'
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bamafan Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Fully expecting to get crushed tonight but on any given day.....................

The line for the Bronx Pale Ales better not be long with Nova people

The saying is On any given Sunday and unfortunately our game is on a Saturday night so the expected is going to happen.
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