1. Jack Williams
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  3. Sunday, 23 March 2014
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I have suggestion to make for redmen.com that could maybe help make reading the site much smoother and also help maybe rid of post that maybe users would like to take back or rid of.

I know when a poster makes a post they have the opportunity to edit that post and change it. I am proposing that there is a button that let's a poster delete the post altogether. This would help for a couple of reasons.

A) this is on my mind because I recently had an accidental double post, and if we had a delete button it would help get rid of double posts.

B) on numerous occasions I have made a post containing information. After I posted I would find out someone had already posted that exact piece of information. I feel the delete button would've come in handy in those situations where the same info is posted multiple times accidentally.

It's just a suggestion that I feel would add to what is a great site.
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