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@AdamZagoria: #sjubb coach Steve Lavin will see 6-8 JUCO F Adom Jacko of Chaffey (CA) College tomorrow, sources tell @SNYtv
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JackofVirginia Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
This guy would not have done ANYTHING at St. John's, so passive aggressively bumping his thread is ridiculous.

But saying he would not have done anything here when our 2 PFs are Christian Jones and Amar comes off as if we have elite studs knocking down our doors.

I don't think this guy is anywhere as talented as Jones or Alibegovic, and that's saying a lot because I don't think Jones will ever do anything at all. Still holding out hope for Amar, though.

Jacko chose the right coach, though, because if you only have a sliver of talent, Dunlap will do more with it than Lavin would.

It's way too early to give up on Jones. He's only a sophomore. He obviously needs to improve defensively and rebounding but he has some offensive skills. While he may never be a star, I think he'll contribute a lot this year. We need him!

Two things are obvious regarding Jones : Lavin has to give him minutes and Jones has to produce fast or his fanny is on the bench.
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