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TOPIC: Staying On Topic

Staying On Topic 2 years 11 months ago #125004

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In order to make the site more readable and to stay on-topic in the various threads, any future post which is not on topic or which attempts to hijack a thread is subject to deletion by the moderators.

If you make such posts, you will not be warned and no explanation will be given (so don't ask).

Effective immediately.
Gegriaßt seisd Du, Maria
voi da Gnadn
da Herr is mid Dia
Du bist gebenedeit unta de Weiba
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und in da Stund unsas Douds. Amen.
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Staying On Topic 2 years 5 months ago #179485

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There is a sticky thread about this, but I think that folks are reading past it. So this is a reminder (which will later be merged with the sticky thread).

It seems lately that thread after thread is turning into pages of off-topic discussion about movies, restaurants, personal stories, etc. While it's understandable that many in our little SJU community have some shared interests, there are also many who read the site for information and discussion about the basketball program. They have a right to expect that a thread about a player or about the Big East, or about the coach, will be mostly about that and not about something else, or to have to wade through a few dozen posts before they can find any on-topic information.

Note that we have a Player's Lounge forum, feel free to have discussions about off-topic matters there. If you're really worried that your off-topic conversation might be missed, then drop a note in your Redmen Talk forum post pointing out that there's a thread elsewhere for those who are interested.

As the sticky thread notes, off-topic posts may be deleted or moved by the moderators. We hate to do that. It's work for us, and we generally want to encourage the conversation ... as long as it's on topic.

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Staying On Topic 2 years 2 months ago #187620

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This is why I am not a lawyer!
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